Palmistry: The rare Simian Line

Within the practice of Palmistry, the appearance of Simian line is considered very rare being that most people do not have this line on his or her hand.

For those that carry this line, it appears on the palm in place of the heart and head line. The heart and head line will connect which accounts for the formation of the Simian Line.

Other terms for this line include Simian fold, Simian crease, and the Palmer crease.

People who do have posses a Simian Line are said to be ruled by their heart or their head, and can very easily be a stubborn individual.

You’ve heard of people who ‘don’t see the world in color’ just ‘black and white’ and those types will most likely have the Simian Line. It is said there are no gray areas in the mind of these indivduals.


These i ndividuals can be sensitive with a tendancy to take things personally. Stress is not a good mix those with Simian Lines. If you have the Simian Line on both palms, you may have noticed these personality traits heightened drastically.

Although the presence of the Simian Line can be viewed can be viewed as a negative thing, most people with this line are actually more connected to their heart or their head and can be driven to great feats or accomplishments that take years of steady, or stubborn work, as the case may be!



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