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Square Hand Palmistry

Palmistry: What is the square hand?

square hand palmistry

In Palmistry there are several different types of hands. Today’s focus is all about the Square Hand.

Simply put- If you have a square palm, a square wrist, and your fingertips are also square then you have the square hand.

You may have a big thumb and the bases of your fingers may be square as well.

square hand

It is said square hands relate to strong love and passion in your life, your perseverance can be amazing. People rely on you, and you are truly honest. You may not have a large imagination, but you exhibit discipline within yourself.

palmistry square hand

Many people with a square hand will realize a very professional job at some point in his or her life, such as a lawyer, doctor, business owner, or scientist, to name few.

Square hands relate to well-disciplined individuals -It is easy for you to be accomplished in your personal and professional life when you put forth any meaningful or lasting effort.

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  1. This is very fascinating and it makes me want to do more research as well into the subject of people with square hands and so find out more.

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