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Palmistry: Girdle of Venus

The Girdle of Venus

In Palmistry, we have several lines to explore.

The Girdle of Venus is the first of a minor line in your palm. This is between the Jupiter and Saturn fingers and comes across the mounts of Saturn and Apollo, it ends between the Apollo and Mercury fingers, which is the arch line between your middle and ring fingers.

If your arc line is between your middle and index fingers and ends between ring and small fingers with no break in the line, is said to be the best. No break in the line means you have a strong intelligence level, and a superb sense of beauty this line is often found on artists.

The Girdle of Venus

If your line is straight and close to your heart line, this is the financial line, which you should have good luck financially and come into a fortune. You are most likely good with money management and would be great at being an accountant. If your line is not clear, you may have poor luck financially.

The Girdle of Venus


If you have multiple rings in your arch, this indicates that you are a curious person, ask many questions, you want to do well in everything, you are well organized. If your rings are messy looking, you may have many bad habits and aren’t keen on affection.


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  1. I love the above there is always something to learn. I know that your lines in your hands can change. And that certain fingers are a look see into whether you have dominate traits or not. And the thumb can mean sometimes if you are suborn or not by the way it is pull. The hands are like life very magical.

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