Overcoming your fear of spirits

Do you have a fear of spirits?

Perhaps one is trying to connect with you and give you guidance? When you are closed off to getting messages from spirits you could be missing out on important knowledge they are trying to share with you.

You may be afraid of who you may connect with.  Some have a fear of which spirit will come into his or her home. Others have fears of the unknown when connecting with a spirit. While others are fearful for his or her own safety.  General fear of something dangerous happening by letting spirits in is also a common concern.

To truly connect with a spirit- you have to be completely open to it. This means your mind has to be free of fear.

Your intuition when you open your mind up to communication with spirits will allow you to know which spirit is good to communicate with or reject. You can close your connection with spirits you do not want to connect with.


Give it a try and remember to remain open and relaxed. If you do give it try, let us know how it goes in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!


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