Numerology: Soul Urge Numbers

Soul Urge or Heart Desire Numbers represent our inner most desires. What we feel in our souls. Feelings of great intensity sometimes without understanding why. They represent what we dream, what we like or dislike and the choices we make. They are our inner self.

Vowels are considered the soul or life of a word and we arrive at our Soul Urge Numbers by adding the vowels in our names the way it appears on our birth certificate.

The only tricky part of obtaining our Soul Urge Number is the Y.

Y’s are considered vowels when it is the only vowel sound in a syllable. For example: In BETTY- the Y sounds like an E. In Bryan- the Y sounds like an I. You get the picture.

You calculate the Soul Urge Number by adding up all the vowels and reduce them to a single digit.


I’ve included the chart for your calculations.

1     2     3      4      5      6      7      8     9
A     B    C     D     E      F      G     H      I
J      K     L     M    N     O     P     Q      R
S      T     U     V    W    X     Y     Z

6 + 6+5+ 9= 26=2+6=8      Soul urge Number 8

1+ 7+6+ 9+5=28=2+8=10=1       Soul Number 1

Please reference my Day Number post for the meanings of the Soul Urge Numbers.

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