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Numerology: Ruling Numbers 6-10 Compatibility Conclusion


Since most of the numbers have already been covered in our previous numerology compatibility blogs focusing on Ruling Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, I am going to list all of the remaining numbers in this blog. That includes the remaining 6’s,7’s,8’s and 9’s. Here goes… Oh! Remember ruling number or complete birthdate reduced to a single number.


6 with 6

This combination brings with it a great love of art, beauty and comfort. Problem is they are so much alike that they may forget to do the work it needs to achieve these things. If this pair can combine their talents it can create a beautiful setting for both their home and community.

6 with 7

A very difficult combo. The six lives in a world of beauty and art and the seven lives in a world of thought and mind. The danger here is an inability to communicate. If cooperation and great communication skills are at work this pair can succeed.

6 with 8

This combination has the potential to succeed. The six supplies the imagination and beautiful home and the eight supplies the business and financial environment to make it all happen.

6 with 9

This is a mutual admiration society. Both of these numbers place a great importance on marriage and home. The six supplies the beauty and the nine supplies the truth. Together they teach each other about the give and take of a relationship.

7 with 7

Sevens are peaceful people. They live in their mind. The trouble with this duo is forgetting to live in the real world with all its responsibilities. If they can keep their feet on the ground all will be well and successful.

7 with 8

This could be an excellent partnership. The eight provides the strength and intense business ability and the seven provides the quiet and calm that the eight needs. Together they can be a very successful pair.

7 with 9

This is a partnership of great depth. This pairing can be almost perfect because both of you seek inner peace. Your hearts, minds and wisdom can bring harmony to yourselves and others.

8 with 8

These two powerful people can form a very successful partnership or go head to head and burn each other out. If all goes well this pair can be unbeatable.

8 with 9

The creative abilities of the nine combined with the strength and power of the eight make for an extremely successful partnership. The eight supplies the knowledge of the business world and the nine supplies the creativity of the spiritual world.

9 with 9

This is a partnership of destiny. You both value not only making your own lives better but the lives of all around you. You take great pride in teaching and caring for others. You both work to the benefit of others.


Hope you enjoyed number compatibility!

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