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Numerology: Ruling Number 4 Compatibility Guide


We are marching on to number four compatibility. Read on fours and see how the rest of the numbers measure up. Remember…The Ruling number is the complete birthdate reduced to a single digit.
Here goes…

4 with a 1:
This combination creates a great foundation for business. The creativeness of the one works to support the cautiousness of the four. These two numbers can become irritants to each other but if all goes well this is a good combo.

4 with a 2:
These two numbers work together without competition or argument. They understand each other completely. The two brings harmony and the four brings practicality. This is a very harmonious pair.

4 with a 3:
Putting your listening skills to work is necessary for these two numbers to get along. The three is a free thinker and the four is conservative. If each one is aware of the other’s needs this can be a successful combination.

4 with a 4:
Since both of you are so much alike, this can be an extremely compatible combination. Anything you try together can be successful. You both have a tendency to stay in the material world. If you remember how important the spiritual side of life is you can be a great team.

4 with a 5:
These two numbers are very different. The four is stable,practical and brings balance to this combination. The five supplies the ideas and is a better communicator. Since the four can work in harmony with the five this can be a very interesting pair.

4 with a 6:
Both the four and the six love pleasure and beauty.
They are also able to balance work and play. They tend to create an atmosphere of happiness because they both love home and art. Together these to numbers can show others how to enjoy life.

4 with a 7:
The four’s practicality and its ability for thoroughness gels well with the seven’s depth of thought. Balancing the material world of four with the mental world of seven can help this pair achieve great things.

4 with an 8:
The eight thinks in large and powerful terms. The four thinks in practical and detail oriented terms. Together the cautiousness combined with big ideas can make for a very balanced and successful team.

4 with a 9:
This partnership can be extremely beneficial to each other. The nine possesses a great wisdom about life. This can help the four reach out of the material world to the more spiritual realm. The four can do the reverse for the nine. This can be a very powerful combination.

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