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Numerology: Ruling Number 2 Compatibility Guide

number 2 compatibility

We started our quest on number compatibility last week. We talked about how we need the Ruling Number (aka Life Path Number) reduced to a single number. Remember: the Ruling Number is the complete birth date reduced to a single digit.

We covered the one’s last week, we’ll cover the two’s this week.


2 with a 1:

Number one is the leader here and number two is the support. This is a winning match because you compliment each other.

2 with a 2:

Perfect pairing and sharing is this match. You both understand each other and work together beautifully. This will enable you to reap the material benefits of your relationship.

2 with a 3:

Two’s are practical and three’s are creative. Together this is a winning combination. Three’s creative talents are balanced by the two’s ability to keep things running smoothly.

2 with a 4:

These two numbers work together without competition or argument. They understand each other completely. The two compliments the four and vice versa.

2 with a 5:

To say this is an all or nothing pair is stating it lightly.The two will need to take second place or risk deflating five’s ideas. If these two numbers don’t see eye to eye, friction will be the order of the day.

2 with a 6:

The combined charm of these two numbers makes for an extremely successful pair. The tactfulness of two and the love of beauty and family of six, make for a caring and artistic combination.

2 with a 7:

This is a very harmonious duo. There is no friction or argument here. These two numbers can help each other grow on the spiritual plane. The two is cooperative allowing the seven to spend time in meditation and thought.

2 with an 8:

This combination has the potential to do great things with money and finances. If the eight can avoid overwhelming the two and allow the two’s tactfulness to shine through this duo can make great business partners.

2 with a 9:

This combination can be very harmonious. The balancing ability of two and the insight and vision of the nine can produce great humanitarian efforts.

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