Numerology: Personal Year Number

From the moment we are born our lives are divided into cycles of nine years. Each nine year cycle gets more powerful as we get older and more mature. The Personal Year Number helps us see the meaning of the particular year. It also helps us to make adjustments so that the year can be as productive as possible.

How To Calculate Your Personal Year Number or PYN

1.) Take your birth date 1/7/1979 replace the year with the current year 1/7/2015

2.) Add all the numbers and digit down to a single number. Only 1 through 9 applies to the PYN

For example:
1+7+2+0+1+5=16 or 1+6=7 Personal Year Number is 7

Personal Year Number Meanings

Personal Year Number 1 is all about new beginnings. It is a time of great energy and self improvement. It is a time to break free of societal pressures and old habits. It’s a great time to improve ourselves financially.


Personal Year Number 2 is a time to focus on our relationships. It is a time of spirituality and becoming the best we can be. Cooperation in all things is a major theme of year two. Year two people will feel an upsurge in their psychic ability.

Personal Year Number 3 is about creativity. During this year feelings of inspiration will be strong. This is a year of learning by whatever means makes you happy. It is also a year to relax and enjoy being with friends and family.

Personal Year Number 4 is characterized by lots of hard work and discipline. It is both a time of opportunity and a time to not make any major changes. During this year we are wise to get plenty of rest and take care of our bodies.

Personal Year Number 5 is marked by a desire for freedom. Creative freedom and a strengthening of spirituality is most important. It is not a time of great change. It is more a time of relaxation and calm and enjoying friends and family.

Personal Year Number 6 is about responsibility and giving your attention to the home. It’s a great time for friends and making existing relationships better. It is also a time to use creativity to make your surroundings calm and beautiful.

Personal Year Number 7 is a year of learning usually through experience. This is a year to look inward and become more self-aware. Any hardship experienced during this year only serves to give you a better understanding of yourself.


Personal Year Number 8 This is a year of great achievement. It is a year where your leadership abilities are great. You will find yourself involved in doing things you like while getting noticed for your work. It is a time for self-confidence and independence.

Personal Year Number 9 this is a year of completion and great change. Making new relationships, dissolving debt and giving back are all hall marks of this year. PYN 9 prepares you for the beginning of a new cycle PYN 1.

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