Numerology: Outer Expression AKA Personality Number

Personality Number

Personality Number is calculated by adding up the consonants in your full name to a single digit. If you come up with a Master Number do not reduce. The Outer Expression or Personality Number represents your outer self. It is how you see the world and how the world sees you. It helps you to weed out the people and experiences you don’t want or feel comfortable with in your life. In other words, it is how you present yourself to the world.

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Number 1
People with this number are calm and confident. They care how they look and they dress smart and with style. Thy have natural leadership qualities. They can sometimes appear over confident which can make people feel uncomfortable around them.

Number 2
These people are friendly and warm and have a gentle nature. They do not draw attention to themselves and as a result people can miss how truly strong they are. They need to spice up their wardrobes.

People with this Outer Expression Number are attractive and charming. Their wardrobe can be over the top with lots of flair. They need to be aware that they can come off as superficial.


Number 4
People with this number are stable and reliable. Number fours are very trustworthy and people sense this about them. They have a tendency to underdress and can come off a little stern to people who don’t know them.

Number 5
People with the Outer Expression Number 5 are fun to be around with a knack for conversation. They are very energetic and dress with flair and color. They must be aware that they can sometimes dress without taste.

Outer Expression Number 6 people are compassionate and make great listeners. They dress for comfort over style. They are extremely generous sometimes to their own detriment.

Number 7
People with Outer Expression 7 are smart and possess a great deal of wisdom. They make good conversation on topics they like but not so much on topics they don’t like. Problem with this is that they can come off as antisocial. They don’t always give a lot of thought to how they dress.

Number 8
These people have extremely strong personalities. They give off a very confident air and people like engaging in conversation with them. They choose their clothes for quality and style. They must be careful not to come off as egocentric.

Number 9
People with Outer Expression Number 9 have an elegant way about them. These people are extremely kind and yet they can sometimes come off as aloof. Their clothing and homes reflect their good taste. They hide their kind nature from people which can give the wrong impression.


Number 11
People with 11 as their Outer Expression Number are warm and kind. They draw people to them. They are very patient and must strive not to be taken advantage of. They can sometimes lack self confidence. They dress for comfort.

Number 22
These people are reliable and very creative. They are trustworthy with natural leadership abilities. They can give in to self doubt at times. Their style of dress is straight forward or drab and should be spiced up a bit.

Number 33
Outer Expression Number is very rare. These people are our master teachers. They are extremely patient and their greatest wish is to help people. People depend on them for wisdom and trust. They dress for comfort.

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