Numerology: Name Numbers

Name Numbers

Nothing gets our attention like hearing our names being spoken. Our name is our identity. Like it or not, our name influences our personality. It is the development of our personality in the now.

Most parents pick our names with a reason in mind. Naming us after relatives, famous people or just because they like the sound of the name.

Whatever the reason, we can now, through numerology, understand the influence our name number has on our lives.

There are two schools of thought about arriving at our name number. The most prevalent is using our birth name the way it appears on our birth certificate. The other is calculating our number with the name we use every day. That includes nick-names or shortened forms of our names like Bill for William.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. I used my birth name all through grammar school. I had no choice because I went to a private school. The rules about names were strict. At home I was called by my nick-name and when I got married way back when and until now I use a shortened form of my birth name. I didn’t do this purposely it is just the way my name evolved over time.


Interestingly, after calculating all three name numbers I realized they correlated to the three important stages of development in my life, each name influencing the maturing of my personality. So, feel free to find all your name numbers and see how they influence your personality.

Now, let’s get started…

Here is a chart of the alphabet and the corresponding numbers

Let’s find a name number together.

First :

S A M U E L             S M I T H
1 1  4  3  5 3 =         1 4 9 2 8 =
17 =1+7=                     2+4=6
8                                               6




Samuel Smith’s name number is 5. His nick name Sam Smith adds up to a 3. Sam equals a 6 and Smith equals a 6 so 6+6=12 or 1+2=3. See the difference a name makes!

Refer back to my first post for the meanings of the numbers. Don’t forget to find the name numbers to all the different ways you use your names. The different numbers will have different influences on your personality.

Keep the Faith

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