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Numerology Name Number

Discover your Hidden Passions with Numerology

numerology name number

Everyone has things they are passionate about- Did you know we also all have hidden passions?

Sometimes these passions are buried so deeply, we’re not even sure what they are!

On your journey to self awareness it is important to unlock and understand these passions.  These hidden passions provide insight into your strengths, talents and what truly motivates you.

Numerology can help one dive even deeper into hidden passions. So if you’ve been feeling like you need a little guidance in this arena, let’s apply the chart below together.


(Taken from our Hidden Passion Numbers article)

For example:

1  6 8 5  1 1 7 1 4  9 2 8

John has four ones and two eights. You can have more than one HPN.  John’s HPN is one. He can read about both 1 and 8 but the number 1 weighs more heavily for John.

Remember: you are NOT adding the numbers you are only counting the number of times they occur in your name.

For more a detailed explanation and understanding personal calculations, see our our Hidden Passion Numbers article.

numerology - number & letter table

Number 1

numerology of number 1

You’re an ambitious, driven leader who wants to take charge and get noticed. You aim to be the best.

Number 2

numerology of number 2

You strive to be a peacemaker, creating harmony wherever you go. You are considerate and sensitive.

Number 3

numerology of number 3

You long to be a social butterfly, entertaining others with your great wit and charm. Your optimism abounds.

Number 4

numerology of number 4

Hard work is your passion. Your goal is to be diligent and provide a firm foundation in all that you do. You are a rock.

Number 5

numerology of number 5

Adventure and change motivate you. You wish to seek out new experiences and not be pinned down. You’re adaptable.

Number 6

numerology 6

Your goal is to be recognized for your service to others, mainly for your gifts of listening, counseling and healing.

Number 7

Seeking hidden truths and understanding the deeper meaning of life is your hidden passion. You seek perfection.

Number 8

You are driven to achieve material and/or business success, and always play to win. You’re a CEO in the making.

Number 9

Future focused, your hidden passion is to make the world a better place. You are a compassionate humanitarian.

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