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Hidden Passion Numbers

Numerology: Hidden Passion Number

hidden passion numbers

The Hidden Passion Number or HPN is the number that represents your strongest talents and abilities. It is the number that appears most frequently in your name. Using your full birth name give each letter a single digit. Here is the handy chart to help with the calculations.

Hidden Passion Number Calculator Chart

1    2     3      4     5     6     7     8     9
A    B    C     D    E     F    G     H     I
J     K     L     M   N    O   P      Q    R
S     T     U    V    W   X    Y      Z

Remember: you are NOT adding the numbers you are only counting the number of times they occur in your name.

For example:

1  6 8 5  1 1 7 1 4  9 2 8

John has four ones and two eights. You can have more than one HPN.  John’s HPN is one. He can read about both 1 and 8 but the number 1 weighs more heavily for John.

Hidden Passion Number 1
You are a leader and have strong ambition. You like to be noticed for your abilities. You are also very athletic. You are creative a competitive. You must be careful not to become domineering around others.

Hidden Passion Number 2
You are highly sensitive and intuitive. You strive to keep the peace in whatever you do. People have a tendency to lean on you because of your reliability.

Hidden Passion Number 3
Number threes love to be social. You are born performers and love to entertain. Your charm makes people want to be around you.

Hidden Passion Number 4
This number is all about loyalty. You are organized and strive for security in your work and your goals. You love being around nature. People trust you because of your good judgement.

Hidden Passion Number 5
You thrive on change. You love travel and new experiences. You are a very sensual person and can sometimes be overindulgent. You do not like being bored and will not tolerate it for long.

Hidden Passion Number 6
You have a deep desire to help others. You are very self-sacrificing and must always be on guard not to have others take advantage of your good nature.

Hidden Passion Number 7
This number is all about intuition and intelligence. You have a keen mind and are not tolerant of people or things that you think are unimportant.

Hidden Passion Number 8
Number eights are driven toward success and financial gain. You make great leaders and owners of companies. Your judgement of people is extremely good but you must be careful not to become domineering.

Hidden Passion Number 9
You are very artistic and have a strong desire to help others. Your artistic talent gives way to wonderfully unique ideas that are not always understood by others.

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