Numerology: Day Numbers

Let’s take a break from our name numbers. We’ll re-visit them in the up coming post.

Right now let’s talk about our day numbers. This is the actual number of the day on which we were born. This number is considered our “other self”. It is about balance. While we are on our Life Journey represented by our Ruling Number our Day Number helps us find balance in our lives. Without this balance there would be no distractions or fun.

Our Day Number is usually different from our Ruling Number but not always. Once in a while both numbers are the same. This tells us that the Ruling Number is in need of strengthening.

The Day Number is treated like the Ruling Number with each double number reduced to a single digit WITH A FEW EXCEPTIONS!


The number 10 stays as 10 and 11 stays as 11.


DAY BORN        Day Number
1st                                      1
2nd                                     2
3rd                                      3
4th                                      4
5th                                      5
6th                                      6
7th                                      7
8th                                      8
9th                                      9
10th                                    10
11th                                    11
12th                                    3
13th                                    4
14th                                    5
15th                                    6
16th                                    7
17th                                    8
18th                                    9
19th                                    10
20th                                     2
21st                                      3
22nd                                    22/4
23rd                                     5
24th                                     6
25th                                     7
26th                                     8
27th                                     9
28th                                     10
29th                                     11
30th                                     3
31st                                      4

Day Number 1

These people are the initiators. They work best alone. They also need lots of freedom to develop this initiative.

Day Number 2

These people are intuitive. They like to work with people of like mind. They are light hearted and generally happy.

Day Number 3

These people are the entertainers. They are extroverted and like to work on a lot of things at one time. They can also be very critical of others.


Day Number 4

These people are practical and work really well with their hands. They are artistic and have a strong ability to organize.

Day Number 5

These people are very sensitive. They also have a great ability for success and happiness. They love being outdoors and around good friends.

Day Number 6

These people,especially the women, express themselves best in the home. They are creative and love making the home and workplace comfortable and beautiful. On the other hand, living negatively can lead these people to constant worry and anxiety.

Day Number 7

These people learn life’s lessons through personal sacrifice. As they become older they make great teachers sharing their life experiences.

Day Number 8

These people are all about personal independence including financial independence. When this is all they become concerned with it can slip through their fingers and become temporary.

Day Number 9

These people are very responsible and extremely idealistic. They work toward the common good. They can sometimes become too serious and therefore have a need for balance. Without this balance they can become fanatical.


Day Number 10

These people are happy,generous and make friends easily. They must be very careful not to become superficial and wasteful in their generosity.

Day Number 11

These people possess great intuition. They are reliable and have a great understanding of their fellow man,they become our spiritual guides.They should avoid being overly emotional or risk becoming anxious and moody.

Day Number 22/4

These people can make anything possible. They must use this power to motivate good or become caught up with power for power’s sake.

Remember, the Day Number is an alternate number, it supports our individuality. It should not take the place of importance over our Ruling Number.

Keep the Faith

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