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Numerology Name Meanings

What’s in a Name? Numerology- Special Traits numbers 5-9

Numerology name meanings

Numerology can teach us many lessons about ourselves. Today we are looking at one of the things we can learn from the numbers that make up our expression number. If you aren’t sure how to find your expression number take a look back at our post Numerology 101.


If you have an average name (15 to 19 letters in it) then these averages should work for you. Take a look at your name with respect to the number of times that the same number repeats, or when certain numbers fail to be represented in your name. The repetition of numbers may show special talents that you possess. The absence of numbers suggests an issue relating to the nature of the number. Some numerologists suggest that the absence of a number reflects a karmic debt carried over from a previous lifetime.

Numerology number 5


If you have the average of four 5s in your name, you enjoy the human trait of having change and variety in your life, at least to a normal degree. You get along well in day-to-day public contact with the world and adjust to meeting new people, travel, progress, and all of the changes that are part of living.

No 5s or less than average

It is very unusual to have no 5s in a name. If you if you have less than the average number of 5s, you may have a varying degree of difficulty meeting and dealing with people. You will not feel at ease in a crowd, and indeed, you will want to be left alone much of the time. A limitation of 5s makes it hard to face changes. Hopefully, this number will appear in your core so that this absence will merely be viewed as introspection.

Many 5s

With 5 or more 5s, you may have a very restless nature needing much stimulation. It may be hard to apply yourself to any one project because you tend to get too many things going on at the same time. If this number becomes too heavy in a name, there is a lessening of attention to detail and less respect for law and order. Properly channeled this excess of 5s aids salesmanship and promotion.

Numerology number 6 in name


The average of two 6s produces normal instincts to protect and cultivate those close to us and even in the larger community. The traits inherent to 6 yield caretakers, teachers, caring parents, and responsible citizens. The number 6 stands for responsibility and nurturing.

No 6s or less than average

With just one 6 or with a name not containing a 6, your sense of duty to those around you is not strong. Indeed, the sense of obligation to fix the world is not strong in many of us. In daily living, the absence of 6s suggests a certain detachment, and problems large and small are handled without becoming very emotional or concerned. Parenting is often too loose and less than demanding.

Many 6s

A more than average number of 6s in the name produces strongly possessed beliefs and emotions. Ideas are strongly held and seldom surrendered. Your humanitarian spirit and sense of generosity may be outstanding traits in your nature. But your leadership and parenting may be too strict and unyielding sometimes. Loyalty is often considered an absolute necessity. Traditions are strong.

numerology number 7 name


The average of one 7 gives the abilities to analyze, investigate, and learn easily. You have a questioning mind which stimulates reading, study, observation and development of the mind. You have the ability to question and discriminate constructively.

No 7s

The qualities of the 7 are missing in many names making the mysteries of life more difficult to understand and grasp. Without a 7 in your name, you may be less cautious, less analytic, and perhaps not the top of the class when it comes to studying. You are less apt to be overly skeptical and demanding of those around you.

Many 7s

If you are that rare individual who has many 7s in your name, it may be said that you “dance to a different drummer.” Your mind is highly scientific and proof oriented. You take nothing on faith. Many of your ideas will be considered odd and out of step with most of the world around you. Emotions are very controlled.

number 8 numerology


If you have the average of at least one 8, you are generally businesslike and self-sufficient in your affairs. You have average abilities to lead, direct and control others if you choose to develop these traits. With an 8 in your name, you can weigh and balance. Business, management, supervising people, and managing money are positive traits shown by the number 8.

No 8s

Without an 8 in your name, it will be more difficult to manage and direct even your own personal affairs. Power, wealth, and leadership roles in life may not be your primary goal. Yet you are apt to suffer less stress because of your attitudes about these issues.

Many 8s

With 2 or more 8s you may have an intensity in your nature that drives toward power and control of others. You have a strong drive to accomplish, work, guide and command. Life may hold many tests and be frustrating at times, but the rewards can be high. Be aware of the stress in your life.

numerology name meaning 9


With the average three 9s (or perhaps with only 2) in your name, you have the sense of compassion, goodwill, and tolerance for your fellow man that is necessary to live in our complicated world. The number 9 is associated with mankind and brotherhood. It produces our willingness to accept different races, colors, religions, and beliefs, and live comfortably in our environment. There are spiritual understanding and acceptance that is normal and healthy.

No 9s or only one 9 in your name

The lack of 9s in the name, though rare, makes it hard to understand and accept others that are different. There is little feeling of universal or spiritual connection.

Many 9s

With many 9s in your name, you may be overly sensitive to the world and become an idealist in some aspect of society. You may be generous to a fault. You may take such issues as religion or philosophy to an extreme.