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Numerology Of Names

What’s in a Name? Numerology- Special Traits numbers 1-4

numerology of names

Numerology can teach us many lessons about ourselves. Today we are looking at one of the things we can learn from the numbers that make up our expression number. If you aren’t sure how to find your expression number take a look back at our post Numerology 101.

Numerology of names

If you have an average name (15 to 19 letters in it) then these averages should work for you. Take a look at your name with respect to the number of times that the same number repeats, or when certain numbers fail to be represented in your name. The repetition of numbers may show special talents that you possess. The absence of numbers suggests an issue relating to the nature of the number. Some numerologists suggest that the absence of a number reflects a karmic debt carried over from a previous lifetime.

1 Numerology


With 3 ones in your name, it appears you have the necessary leadership skills, initiative, and ample individuality to get along fine in life.

No 1s or less than average

With few or no ones in your name, you may find it hard to stand up for your rights and leadership may be a very difficult trait for you to develop.

More than average 1s

You may be very headstrong and even overly assertive in your will to lead. Avoid being too quick to demand your own way.

2 Numerology


You have a normal and natural desire and ability to associate with others. You are tactful and diplomatic enough to get along fine in the world. Cooperation is no problem for you.

No 2s

You lack patience with people and you may be insensitive sometimes because of this. Cooperation is a trait that must be learned.

Many 2s

You’re very considerate of others and have an aptitude for compromise. Harmony and agreement making may be a major career advantage. You are faithful and adaptable, even to the extent of giving too much. You have a significant appreciate of the arts.

3 numerology


If you have an average number of 3s in your name, your imagination and creative talents most likely are in the normal range. You express ideas and feeling with natural ways. Although you may not be described as the life of the party, you know how to have fun and enjoy good company.

No 3s

This doesn’t say that you are dull, but it does suggest that you may have to be stimulated into enjoying yourself. You are not a romantic and one to base decisions of fanciful ideas. Creative ideas may be rare. Of course, if you have a 3 Life Path, Expression, or Soul Urge, this may not be such a problem.

Many 3s

You have more than your fair share of creative talent. You have the kind of imagination that makes you special in music, painting, writing, design, or other artistic endeavors. Indeed, you may tend to scatter yourself a bit at times. You have a “gift for gab,” and express yourself well.

4 numerology


If you have at least one 4 in your name, your ability to concentrate and apply yourself to a task will allow you to get along well in the world much of the time. The number 4 gives us common sense and the desire to build or develop things. The number 4 needs order and structure.

No 4s or less than average

If there is no 4 in your name, you will not likely be famous for your common sense and focus on mundane tasks. This trait will be well hidden if you have the number 4 as one of the core numbers, but if this is not the case, you may be a very unstructured and disorganized person. The concept of steady building and developing will be something that you must learn the hard way.

Many 4s

If you have more than the average of one 4 in your name, your ability to engage yourself in concrete plans will be a strong trait. You know the value of things and have the willingness to work toward long-range goals. You understand details and respect law and order. You may tend to become too rigid and narrow in your thinking.