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Mother Mary

Mother Mary: Intro to Ascended Masters

mother mary

The phrase, 7 Ascended Masters refers to a set of spiritually significant individuals believed to have lead past lives that include those of ordinary humans evolving through a series of spiritual transmutations.

Mother Mary is a well-known ascended master in the West, as her embodiment as the mother of Jesus maintains revered status within the Roman Catholic church; Mary, Mother of God.

Similar interpretations as the feminine goddesses of Hinduism have been maintained in India and as Kuan Yin, the empathetic bodhisattva maintained by some Chinese Buddhists.

mary mother

The name, Mary, reflects “Ma-ray” or Mother Ray of God’s light.

Mary is considered an archeia, a feminine archangel with her twin flame being Archangel Raphael. They are believed to serve together today on the green ray of healing and truth.

What some followers may note as unusual for Mary’s story is the embodiment. However, angels & archeias can and do take embodiment within such belief structures.

Ascended masters teachings depict that the soul of Mary had served in the early days of Atlantis as a temple virgin, a priestess then on the same green or emerald ray.

baby jesus mother mary

During her many forms of incarnations that allowed her to further hone her abilities, Mary is said to have become one with the Cosmic Virgin to hold the immaculate concept for all souls and situations. She was able to see only perfection in each individual, each circumstance.

Among her preparatory embodiments, she had been mother to Jesus’ soul on at least one other occasion. As the wife of Jesse, recorded in the Old Testament, she gave birth to eight sons, one of whom was David, an embodiment of Jesus.

Mary is often represented by her Divine Feminine as love, purity, softness, femininity, and grace.