Mirror Superstition

Mirror Superstition has been around for generations. It is believed that if you break a mirror you will have bad luck, in ancient history it was believed that if your reflection in a mirror, or water or any kind was distorted that danger would strike. Whether it be a mirror, lake, pool, any self image of yourself. The superstition is that if this happens you would have bad luck for at least seven years until the curse would break. If you did break a mirror and did not want to have bad luck, it was sad that if you took all the broken pieces and buried them that this would break the curse and you would not have any bad luck. If you ask yourself why just breaking a mirror would give you seven years of bad luck, is because it was believed that breaking a mirror is not only breaking ones appearance and distorting it, but also it was believed that you were breaking your soul in the mirror as well. The Romans believed that your life renewed every seven years thus then breaking the bad luck after seven years.

As any superstition there has been remedies to get past this, which can also be used for other superstitions for example, bury the mirror, throw salt over your shoulder, grind the mirror pieces into powder, burn the mirror, or blacken it then bury it after a year thus removing the hex after only one year, and take the broken mirror and touch a tombstone with it which is suppose to break the bad luck right away.


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