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Mercury finger, better known as your “pinky” or small finger. Is associated with the zodiac signs, Virgo, and Gemini. The Mercury finger represents, communication, intuition, and your relationships you have with others.

Long pinky finger means you are intelligent, witty, may have much success in business ventures. A short pinky finger, may mean you cannot make decisions in life, you are childish, shy, and very uncertain in yourself. If yours is bent, or twisted this can mean you are a manipulative person.


If you have horizontal lines on your mercury finger this can mean, low sex drive, and low self esteem. While vertical lines, is your health, if your finger lines up with your other fingers, this can mean you have high self esteem, if your finger is lower then the others, this can mean you have many talents, but you only show them privately.


If you have a dominant pinky finger, this could mean you are a great communicator, quick-witted curious, quick-thinking, childish, and love your freedom. You love children, and would do anything for family, You make sure your presentation is perfect, or you will not get anywhere in work, or life. Although you enjoy your freedom, you may end up marrying someone just like one of your parents.