Meditation: Practice & Benefits

The practice of meditation at its core requires focussing on your thinking and breathing in order to relax, clearing your mind and body to achieve a higher level of healthful living.

In order to achieve best meditative results, one should sit in silence and try to focus on absolutely nothing.  That’s right-  Try to focus on nothing. At first, this very thought may seem odd, but just like anything else, reaching a healthy meditative state of mind and body requires practice.

Some of the benefits of meditating include the following:

Meditation can improve your concentration.

Meditation can reduce the amount of stress you carry around in your life.


Meditation can make you live a healthier life.

Meditation can allow you to become more accepting of other people.

Meditation can make you become more self-aware.

Meditation can slow your aging process.

Meditation can increase your heart function and immune health.

Your mind, body, and heart can all see improvements with regular meditation. With practiced meditation, your body goes into extreme relaxation, therefore decreasing metabolism, lowering your blood pressure, helping your brain, breathing and heart rate.


Start slow.  Try to meditate for 2-minutes today completely uninterrupted.  4-minutes tomorrow.  Try to get to 20-minutes in a week.  You’ll find the more you practice, the more you’ll begin to enjoy and further gain the benefits of meditation.

Medical scans after meditation have been said to show that “fight or flight” part of our brains can decrease. Interesting if true, because this part of your brain dictates your fears and emotions, often triggered by stress in your environment. So with regular meditation, this will actually shrink in your brain causing you to live a happier life.


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