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Mandalas have been used for centuries in many cultures as tools for meditation, healing, and spiritual growth. The meaning of the word “mandala” is “circle,” and it symbolizes wholeness, unity, and harmony. In its simplest form, a mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form, drawn in sand, painted on paper, or made with colored materials such as beads or stones.

The power of the mandala comes from its ability to evoke a meditative state, allowing individuals to deeply explore their inner selves and the universe. In this contemplative space, one can explore the relationship between the outer world and the inner self, allowing for increased awareness and personal growth.

Mandalas can be used for many purposes, including stress relief, creative visualization, exploring feelings, calming the mind, or connecting to spiritual paths. By engaging with a mandala, individuals can be guided into a state of present-moment awareness

Mandalas are associated with psychics because they are seen as representations of the inner self. People who are into spiritually or divination practices often use mandalas to help them better understand the self and improve their psychic abilities. Mandalas can also be used as visual tools to help focus the mind and cultivate meditative states, which can help psychics better access the subtle energies that inform their readings.



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