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Are you maintaining a proper psychic diet?

Psychic Diet

Summer may be coming to an end, and with it our beach body diets may be slipping. However should you still be watching what you eat? A psychic diet helps nurture you mentally just like a regular diet helps nurture you physically. Let’s look at what a psychic diet is and if you should be following one.

Proper Psychic Diet
What is a Psychic Diet?

A psychic diet follows the same concept of any other diet. For example athletes eat to fuel their body for the strains they will put on it. A psychic fuels our mind, and raises our vibrations keeping our abilities operating at an optimum level. There is no blanket answer for what you should consume since each of us physically has different needs. However some general guidelines are to eat very little, if any, meat, processed foods, and junk foods. While eating a lot and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. You should also avoid large amounts of alcohol and caffeine, and as with any diet stay hydrated and drink a lot of water.

psychic fuels
Why you should avoid certain foods?

You shouldn’t deprive yourself, however you should pay attention to how you feel after certain foods. You may notice that some leave you feeling less energized, or with a heavy feeling. Foods like meat and animal products can transfer the energy of the animal to you. They also take a great deal of energy to digest. Beverages like alcohol obviously lower your vibrations, and should be avoided. You wont lose your psychic abilities because you had a steak dinner with a glass of red wine, but you will notice that just as your body will be slowed down so will your gifts.

Why you should incorporate certain foods?

Not only do fruits and vegetables nourish your body, but they can help to clear your Chakras. Remember that utilizing your psychic gifts is energy work which can drain and dehydrate you. Incorporating fruits can provide extra sugars just as drinking tea and water can help keep you hydrated and focused.

Being on a psychic diet shouldn’t feel restrictive. Whether your abilities are just starting to open up and you are trying to nurture them or you have been nurturing them and find yourself feeling a little off lately. Being more aware of what you put into your body will make you feel so much better while also increasing your intuition and connection to spirit.