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Lucid Dreaming

When we dream this is usually at night, while sleeping and we are not aware that we are dreaming, sometimes we remember it when we wake up, sometimes we dont. However Lucid dreaming is when we dream and we are actually aware that we are dreaming.


When someone is lucid dreaming, it may be possible to control your dream. You may be able to change the enviroment, change the people in it, and also control some of the words that are being said.


Lucid dreaming usually happens in the middle of a dream, then suddenly you realize that you are dreaming and become aware. This dream is called a “dream-intiated lucid dream” this happens when you go from being awake to directly into a dream, and you do not have any lapse of consciousness.


These dreams may be completely emotional, crazy, and unexpectantly strange. But you have to remember you will have some control over these dreams, there will be things you can change, and control.