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A Light worker is someone who would like to promote healing in the world.
Many of these people were born to be a light worker, not all know what their calling is however.
They need to be awoken before they know what they are supposed to do.


To be able to tell if you are possibly a light-worker here are a few traits:


1. You feel like you are suppose to heal others.

2. Want to help with the worlds social and environmental problems.

3. You feel that spiritual methods can heal any situation.

4. You have had psychic premonitions, or have seen angels.

6. You are healing your own life, to help heal others

7. Feel like you have a mission to accomplish


Light-workers want to be able to heal people, through love, peace, and knowledge.
They feel a strong sense of undeniable responsibility to promote these things, they feel they were born
to do this work, light-workers are spiritual beings, and usually do spiritual work for a living.