Life Line

Your Life line is the line in your palm that is between your thump and pointer finger and goes down to your wrist. This life does not determine how long you will live, it does however tell you how many life stresses you may have, and how quickly you can bounce back from life difficulties.

If you have a broken life line, this means that life is a struggle for you, you do not know how to sit back and relax, and take in your surroundings and your accomplishments, you tend to go from one task to another without enjoying your satisfaction of completed a task, you need to learn to relax, and rest between each task, and take in the joys of completion. If you do not do this you will stress yourself out to much and makes life feel like a struggle for you.

A Double life line can indicate that you have a very strong family background, and you have had a lot of help from these people, which makes you confident in all that you do. You are a very confident person.

A Short life line means that you are okay with resting and taking your time without exhausting yourself. You may need breaks throughout the day and you are okay with this.

A Long life line can indicate tons of energy, and giving. You like to have fun and enjoy your life, you are a risk taker, and especially in love you give your all.



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