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Learn to Love Labyrinths


First things first it’s important to distinguish between a labyrinth and a maze.

Mazes represent a challenge. It parallels the confusion, dead ends, and changes in direction one faces in their quest through life.

A labyrinth however is a path having no branches. One enters a labyrinth trusting the path will lead to the goal. Walking a labyrinth is a symbolic journey that can help us reconnect with our Higher Self.

What is a Labyrinth?

What is a Labyrinth?

Labyrinths are ancient symbols relating to wholeness. They are not just a meandering path. Instead their circular spiral is a purposeful trajectory. Labyrinths represent our journey to our own center and back. Labyrinths contain sacred geometry. These non-verbal geometric and numerological prompts create a multidimensional holographic field. This allows them to allegedly reveal the presence of the cosmic order and the reaching of higher consciousness. Most often they are composed of twelve rings that enclose slowly leading to a center rosette. However many of the newer labyrinths consist of seven circuits relating to the chakras.

What a Labyrinth can be used for..

Labyrinth uses

Labyrinths can be utilized for many different reasons. No matter if you are walking them or tracing them with your finger. Each time you enter a labyrinth you can change what you are seeking. Some use labyrinths to balance and center themselves. Some use them to open their awareness and reach a deeper connection to their higher selves. Once you have reached the center of the labyrinth take a moment to relax and meditate. Use this moment of solitude to seek answers to any questions weighing on your mind.


Remember there is no wrong path in a labyrinth. Allow your mind to clear itself and then open up to the different emotions you will experience. Sometimes you may experience euphoria, others may be feelings of despair. Allow your experience to help guide you to resolution and direct you on your life path.


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  1. I really need to learn much more about Labyrinths. So I really can have a better relationship with my higher self. From what I know about the Labyrinths it will really connect me with something that I feel is missing deep with in me.

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