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Listen To Your Inner Voice

Learn to listen to your inner voice and follow your intuition

listen to your inner voice
Life is filled with difficult choices. Sometimes the decisions we make will directly impact or alter our destiny. Sometimes it may seem impossible to decide which path to choose,  sometimes it may seem there is no possible solution. Learning to listen to your inner voice and to trust your intuition can save us from a lot of complications.

trust yourself
At some point in life you may have found yourself at a crossroad. Some people turn to friends, or family, some turn to a higher being asking for a sign or to be pointed in the right direction. However despite advice, and signs uncertainty, fear, and confusion can often cause people to ignore advice or misinterpret signs they do receive.

Do not follow ideas of others
In times like this there may often be not one or two voices telling you a right and wrong choice, but instead a cacophony of voices. Doubts may become the primary thought process. Often people can become obsessed with the doubts wondering what will happen if they make the wrong choice, or what other people will think, or how their decisions will affect those around them.

learn to listen to your inner voice
The next time you are in this position try these suggestions for listening to your intuition. All of the answers for what is right in our lives are within us, all we have to do is learn to listen and trust in our inner voice. First try to lighten the pressure. There truly is no right or wrong decisions in life, only choices that lead us down different paths. Reminding ourselves that the decision while it may be difficult is not crucial will help avoid mental blocks that prevent us from making a clear decisions due to the heavy load.

image of hand choosing one key from many
Secondly remember that in every situation, you may win one thing and lose another. However in either instance you will learn new things, and encounter new situations that will enrich your life. Often times those mistakes you thought you made turn out to be for your greatest good. Remind yourself that it’s not always black and white. You have to see the gray areas.

Another detrimentally action to hearing our inner voice is over analyzing. Excessive analysis can confuse and entangle us. The harder you search for the right answer the further out of your grasp it will seem. Try to clear your mind and truly listen to your instincts, and have faith in what you find there, do not pick apart the response you are first provided with.

intuition is your soul
Sometimes something as simple as distancing yourself for the decision can make a huge difference. Immerse yourself in a book or a new task to clear your mind and give yourself time to work through it and trust in the sings the universe provides you with. An answer exists, sometimes it may not be the answer you think you want, but once you learn to follow your inner guidance you will know what’s right for you.