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The Lalaurie Mansion Haunted House

Delphine Macarty mansion

The Lalaurie House in New Orleans is widely believed to be haunted. So much so, actor Nicholas Cage bought this house, inspired by these very stories of hauntings and otherworldly activity reported on the premises.

haunted house

So whats the story behind the ghosts occupying this house?

The now infamous Madame Lalaurie owned this house. She was born in 1780 and lived into 1849. She was known to be a socialite and allegedly a sadistic serial killer. She built a reputation for murdering and torturing her household slaves.

Madame Lalaurie was born Delphine Macarty, she was married three times, and after the third marriage, she changed her name to Lalaurie.  In 1834 there was a fire at her mansion where responders found her tortured slaves. They were bound, and other evidence of violence was found. A mob eventually formed and came after her, but she was able to escape to France.

Madame Lalaurie

The murdered and tortured souls of the slaves are believed to still be haunting the mansion. For now, 200 years- It remains a tourist attraction and a haunted house that many people visit when in New Orleans.