Lady Nada: Intro To Ascended Masters

Lady Nada is another important member of the ‘Seven Ascended Masters’ taught to the students of the Ascended Master Teachings.

These masters are spiritual individuals with past lives that include the roles of ordinary humans. These individuals also undergo a series of spiritual progressions with the ultimate ascension as that of a master.

Lady Nada is said to minister the world’s children via scores of angels focused on the youth.

The mother of John the Baptist,  Lady Nada Portia was well known for her feminine energy and her beauty. Lady Nada focused on and worked with the Heart Chakra.

This focus allows for the enhancement of feminine energy. She is also known to help balance the feminine energy within masculine spheres. In one incarnation, Lady Nada is said to have worked on Atlantis in the healing arts and served as a priestess in the Temple of Love.  She was also embodied as a lawyer on Atlantis, where she pioneered the efforts of divine justice for the unfortunate or forgotten members of society.


Lady Nada spent several of her latest incarnations keeping the flame of life for her family and for other members of her community.

Lady Nada is said to continue to help heal and teach humans via the proliferation of love.  Wisdom through love is a cornerstone of her continued efforts. She helps to guide through reassurance when those in need are traveling on a tumultuous path.

Lady Nada represents peace, freedom, and devotion.


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