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Labyrinth Garden

Labyrinths & Healing Power

labyrinth garden

A labyrinth looks like a giant puzzle, however, a labyrinth is a geometrical pathway that can be used to aid one’s emotional well-being.

The simple act of walking a labyrinth can promote emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing. So if you are feeling like you need to an emotional revival, these geometric paths can lead you to the place of comfort you are seeking.

labyrinth on floor

A labyrinth has healing powers that aid many holistic approaches including meditation, awareness, and a connection with the higher powers. A labyrinth is considered a sacred place.

Labyrinths have been utilized for over 4000 years. Different cultures and religions have used this pathway to help rejuvenate their lives and inner peace this helps people overcome their struggles.

outside labyrinth

In ancient times the labyrinth was used to bring people closer to the ‘holy lands’.

In modern times, Labyrinths are used to give clarity to one’s life. Many have reported this walk not only gives a sense of completion for the task at hand but allows one to find his or her path in life.

If you are interested in walking a labyrinth and you live in the USA, you can use this labyrinth locator to find the public labyrinths closest to your home.