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Jupiter Finger

The Jupiter finger, also known to many as their index finger, or pointer finger
is the finger next to your thumb. Each finger has a different meaning, The Jupiter
finger, stands for ambition.


If you have a long Jupiter finger, it is said that you are more aggressive, and go after
things that you want, ambitious, argumentative, and as in work ethic should most
likely be a boss. You will not take direction well, and do not like following orders.You should
be a leader, in fact you are a natural born leader.


However, if you have a short Jupiter finger, you are more shy, and easily controllable.
You do not mind taking direction, and will follow orders, you may not be argumentative so
you are more easily influenced to do what your boss, partner, or anyone else tells you.


The index finger, can also mean power. Every being has used their index finger at one point or another
to point at someone, poke someone, when you are mad you may even put your index finger in their face,
this finger uses power, without words. In palmistry, your Jupiter finger says a lot about who you are, for example
if your finger is pointing towards your Saturn finger (middle finger) then that could mean you are not successful
in your profession, but you truly care about others.