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Jupiter Entering Scorpio in October

scorpio enters juniper

On October 10th Jupiter entered Scorpio, which will stay in the fixed sign until November 8th. Jupiter represents growth, optimism, and generosity.

When Jupiter moves through Scorpio it teaches us to focus on what really matters and to cut out all negativity in order to heal ourselves. This is to teach us to go after what our heart’s desire, it’s intense and passionate.  Jupiter in nature is being too profligate, so moderation is something that does not come naturally to Scorpio or Jupiter. In short- be guarded against being too lavish.

juniper in scorpio

When Jupiter is in Scorpio this attacks good luck. Devote yourself to a project and it will come out amazing. In order to achieve their good luck, they are to use their powers to heal and use their imagination to attract their good fortune, when they focus they can attract very good achievements in their lives.

scorpio in juniper

Since Jupiter is the largest of planets when it moves into Scorpio its suppose to bring extremely good luck, and can even bring miracles. Jupiter in Scorpio can also bring an exceptional need for great sexual experiences since Scorpio rules intimacy and Jupiter rules the happy life.


The last time Jupiter was in Scorpio was October 2005, to November 2006.  Since Jupiter has been in Libra for the last year, the last year has been a challenging one, So when Jupiter enters Scorpio lots of happiness and new beginnings can occur.