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Is your child a Psychic?

child psychic

It is important to note that all children under 3 years of age are extremely sensitive. They are closely connected to the spirit world. However if your child is past the age of three and you have a hunch that they may have spiritual gifts, they probably do. Your intuition about your own child will be more accurate that anyone else. If you aren’t sure what to look for, here are some characteristics most psychic children share.


Psychic children tend to be very sensitive to the people and places around them. They will be especially dialed into their parents and siblings. If someone in the house is sick or having a bad day they will share their emotions. They will also require time alone to cope with the overload of emotions around them. Loud noises and hectic locations can also overwhelm them since they have not learned how to manage their gifts to tune down the excess noises and sensations from the world around them. Due to this same overload psychic children may have difficulty adapting to the school environment and may inaccurately be labeled with anxiety, ADD, or ADHD.

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Imaginary Friends and other unseen spirits

One of the most common recurrence among psychic children is the existence of “imaginary friends.” Young children especially have a hard time distinguishing between what is real and what is spiritual. There imaginary friends may in fact be spirit guides or lost loved ones. If you are concerned about behaviors or activities surrounding their imaginary friends you can try asking questions so that you can do your own research. Ask your child their friends name, what they look like, what they are wearing, and what the two of them talk about. Another option is to place recording devices in the areas your child often plays to see if you can pick up conversations you may not be hearing.

child psychic
They may not identify these interactions as friends, some children hold to Jesus as this figure having conversations and being comforted by the presence of their spirit guide and identifying it as a religious figure such as Jesus or Buddha since they recognize that only they see and interact with the presence. Sometimes the will also identify their playmates as a deceased loved one, even if they did not know them while they were alive. They may be able to answer very specific questions about the deceased despite having never met them.

Loving and Intuitive

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Children with psychic gifts are also extremely loving and compassionate. This does not mean that they don’t misbehave they are children. However due to their ability to empathize with those around them they will return the kindness and emotions they feel around them. This is especially true with animals. Psychic children pick up on the love animals exude, and are drawn to this energy. They will cherish the animals around them. This is a double edged sword however, while your child may be sweet and loving to almost everyone they come in contact with there may be a few people they refuse to be around. They sense who people truly are, seeing what’s beyond the surface. Despite your attempts to reassure the child everything is okay they will still hold onto their reservations.

If you think your child may be psychically gifted it’s important to accept their feelings about the world around them and not to dismiss them as nothing. They should be encouraged to trust their gut feelings, and listen to that little voice inside them.