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Life After Death

Is There An Afterlife: Spirits and Mediums

Life After DeathHeaven Or Hell? Is There An Afterlife?

We all wonder what happens when we pass on. Is there a heaven or a hell? Many psychics will tell you that the spirits that they talk to say that there is not a heaven or a hell. They say that there is a level of consciousness…

We meet relatives and friends who greet us at the end of a tunnel and they led us to the light. It seems the next dimension runs parallel to this one. It makes the transition easier for the spirits. Spirits say that they feel spiritually and emotionally uplifted. As people are different so are spirits in the afterlife. They perceive the afterlife in different ways just as people do here. It is all subjective. One spirit may describe the afterlife differently then another spirit.

Mediums Weigh In On The Afterlife

Most mediums will tell you they have never heard of any complaints from the spirits about the afterlife. Mediums say spirits tell them that they are learning and growing in the afterlife. Spirits that have communicated with mediums describe the afterlife as a happy, content and very peaceful place. Even if the spirit was unhappy in life they are happy in the afterlife.

Mediums in general can speak to spirits that have been dead for decades. Mediums cannot select who will come through during a reading. A spirit must want to communicate. Most spirits come through to reassure that they are fine. Spirits will not give any advice about the future. They do not interfere in your life. Mediums believe this is because spirits realize that you need to grow and learn from your experiences. This does not mean they don’t give inside information sometimes. One medium recalled a deceased grandparent holding a child’s hand. The medium saw this as a way for the grandparents to tell them that a future child was coming to them soon.

No Need To Worry: Have Fun, Be Safe

So, if a loved one has passed it seems that they are very happy in the afterlife and loved ones that are here do not need to worry about them.