Intuition Line

The Intuition Line is found on the side of your palm below your pinky finger, to around your wrist. This line curves away from the center of your palm, the start and finish lines are coming from the side of your palm. Most people do not have this line, so it is very uncommon for people to be able to find this line on their palm. However, if you do possess this line and it is very noticeable and clear, this means you have great psychic abilities. How defined this intuition line is will determine how much you will use your intuition, if it has breaks in it you may not use your intuition as much as someone will a well defined line.

When you are trying to locate this line in your palm, you should look for a triangular shape. If your line varies on each hand in depth then this can mean you have a struggle with your intuition, also if the line is clear on the bottom half of the line then this can mean you need to follow your instincts. If your intuition line is very strong at the top side of your palm then they say you will be a natural medium.


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