Palmistry: What is the intuition line?

The intuition line in your palm is near your lifeline. Located low on your palm- this line slants left diagonally. It can be full or a broken line. If you cannot locate it, remember that it makes a triangular line between the headline and the lifeline as pictured below.

Your intuition line can be deep in one area of the palm but not on the other. If your line is strongest through the lifeline which is also low on your palm, this means your intuition is strongest in your gut. Also meaning you have good gut instincts.

Psychics tend to have a very deep intuition line as do psychic mediums. So if you have a deep line, try to channel your psychic abilities. You might not even know you have them. Most people will find he or she does not have a solid line without physic abilities. The line of intuition is also referred to as the Line of Uranus. To have this line it is a very positive thing indeed.

It is said- The more shallow the line you have the less intuition that you will develop.If your intuition line cuts in the headline, this can damage the power of your brain.





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