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All about The Hunter’s Moon

hunter's moon

During the month of October, if you look up to the sky you will be able to see what is called The Hunters Moon.  The Hunter’s Moon has a slight variation of the full moon.The Hunter’s Moon is an astronomers subject of interest. You can see The Hunter’s Moon if you live in the northern hemisphere.

The Hunter’s Moon is also known as the “blood” moon. October is the only month of the year that the blood moon can be seen.The Hunter’s Moon can be seen after the harvest moon which can be seen at the end of September.  Another name for The Hunter’s Moon is the sanguine moon.

Hunter's Moon

Once every four years, The Hunters Moon will not appear until November, and the name Hunters moon came from North America, after the deer have made themselves nice and fat over the summer in October the hunters then tracked the deer and killed their prey in the moonlight, therefore coming up with the name The Hunters Moon.

Blood Moon

WhenThe Hunters Moon is coming, daylight will be much longer each day. The moon and the sunrise are not too far apart on these days. In earlier days hunters and farmers were able to work longer days with The Hunter’s Moon because there are prolonged periods of light during this time.