How will the holidays go for you based on your zodiac sign?


You will have trouble this holiday finding an appreciation for any gifts you receive, even if they were chosen perfectly for you.


This year, you will have a sensual experience. Something romantic will occur in some way or another. You might find your mind clinging to this experience for a while.


A big inconvenience will happen for you with this holiday. Something you are looking forward to will not go as planned. But, you will adjust to the situation and handle it with grace.


You will give one of the very best gifts this season. Someone will get very emotionally touched by your thoughtfulness and may even shed a tear.


Loved ones will flock together to spend this holiday with you, as you will be the life of the party. People will ditch other invitations to spend time with you.


You will need to keep an open mind this season as you will receive a gift that won’t make sense to you right away. It will take some soul searching to realize the importance of this gift.


You need to remember you are not the parent of everyone this year. You may feel that pull towards being responsible for everyone around you, but you can come first as well.


As much as you will try to hide your warm and fuzzy feelings during gift swaps this year, you won’t succeed. Your inner emotions will shine through, let them.


Holidays hold an adventure in the makin for you. Whether it be a trip or a giant leap of faith, a big change will occur for the better. Jump in.


You will have everything planned out this year, and will go to great lengths to make your plans happened as you hope. Calm down, don’t forget to enjoy these plans.


Don’t get carried away with all those bright ideas this holiday, take a breath and make sure they are plausible before swinging away.


Get ready for the best holiday you can imagine. Things will go smoother than you thought and you will end this season smiling more than you did last year. Enjoy it!


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