How To Spread Tarot Cards: Relationship Readings

Tarot card readings focusing on relationships and love are often conducted with the hopes of looking at the possibilities ahead during the evolution of a relationship.

Below we have prepared a common seven-card spread that has been adapted for your relationship-themed Tarot card reading.  You can perform this reading just about anywhere with any tarot deck. If you use our guide below, please let us know what you found in the comments section!

How to pose your questions and place cards for a 7-card, Tarot Relationship Reading:

Question &  Tarot Card Position 1:

Who You Are In The Relationship

Question: What is my role in the relationship?

The way you view your impact on the overall status of the relationship may or may not feel like the same reality to your significant other. This card is about You.  This card reveals your affect on the relationship as a whole. This can be through your energy, words, actions, and more.  Do you bring a positive or negative influence into the relationship?

Example of Positive Outcome:  Appearance of Hierophant – When you see this card in position 1, it can be viewed as validation of who you are and what you are bringing to this relationship.

Question & Tarot Card Position 2:

The Significant Other

Question:  Do my partner and I (name of partner) view relationship at the same stage?

Current insight into your significant other′s views and what kind of energy her or she is bringing to the relationship.


Question & Tarot Card Position 3:

Right Now

Question: What is happening in our current relationship?

Wondering what the state of your relationship is right now? Card three in your Relationship TarotReading can be interpreted as to how your relationship stands in the present moment.

Question & Tarot Card Position 4:

The Immediate Future

Question: Does my partner want to get married?

It should be noted that implied future events always have the possibility change. So this is the good news if your forecast looks troubling. This card only reflects how things stand in the present moment that you come to the relationship tarot reading

Question & Tarot Card Position 5:

The Core

Question: Is my relationship going to last?

This is the core telling you exactly what is going on in this relationship. This card will enforce or contradict what you believe to be true about the standing of your relationship.

Question & Tarot Card Position 6:

The  Not-So-Distant-Future

Question: What does the immediate future hold for me if I stay in this relationship?


Short term future card placement and not be overlooked. Again, future cards always have the potential to change but this tarot card reading will show you what to expect over the next several months.

Question & Tarot Card Position 7:

The Long Road Ahead

Question:  What are the cornerstones and flaws of this relationship?

This card will offer insight to the overarching yes or no question that prompted you to have the reading done in the first place. This can be conscious or subconscious or any combination there-of.

That’s all for now- happy readings!



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