How to remember and understand your dreams

Have you ever woken up completely confused from a dream. It’s not a great start to your day, You may be trying to understand if a spirit is trying to communicate something with you. Trying to know the different images you’re receiving can take a lifetime to understand, and not all images will mean the same thing to every person receiving them.
Just trying to google what your dream meaning can be will not give you the answers that you will need, for instance if you are dreaming of an animal, you my love this animal so it could mean, desires, loyalty etc, but someone who fears that same animal could mean trauma. So understanding your dreams can make you understand what is going on in your mind. Also, you have to be able to tell the difference between actual guides telling you something and your imagination going crazy!

So, you can talk to a psychic who has spent years understanding the language of the images and symbols that guides will commmunicate with, Also they will know how to ask the right questions to get the answers from your guides.
Some ways to remember your dreams are: one write it down, when you first wake up and it is still fresh in your mind, write down everything that you can remember at that time, so throughout the day you will not forget it.
Second: People sleep in 90 minute sleep cycles, therefore if you can keep track of your sleep cycle you may have a better chance of writing your dream down when you wake up from those 90 minutes.
Third: When you are going to sleep at night, go to sleep with the intention of remembering your dreams, tell yourself that you will remember your dream when you wake up.


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