How to Reach out to Your Spirit Guides

With life currently in a state of disarray you may be needing some extra grounding and guidance from your spirit guides. Connecting with your spirit guide is a relatively simple process, however it can confuse those who are new to meditation and spirituality. Here are a few ways you can connect to your spirit guide quickly and easily as well as how to communicate with them more clearly.

How Spirit Guides most often communicate

Spirit guides communicate in a unique way. They most often come across through thoughts, stronger thoughts than your mind simply wandering. They send messages in the same way messages are sent to mediums. You should think about it as receiving a message unlike intuition or mental insight. It is stronger and more directed than that. The best way to think of spirit guide connections is to think of them as concerned messages with a sense of direction or urgency.

How to establish contact

To establish first contact with your spirit guide, find a quiet area and sit in a relaxed position. This is necessary to achieve the meditative state where you and your spirit guide will best be able to communicate. At this point you’ll set your mental intentions and say a prayer to invite your spirit guide to contact you. Your prayer does not have to be elaborate, it is best to start with something simple like:

“Spirit guide I invite you into my space. I would like to establish a dialog of open, clear communication with you.”

Once you’ve sent the invitation you must listen and trust your spirit guide to contact you. Remember, you must be patient. This is a high vibrational relationship and communication may not be clear at first. The key is to not try too hard and let messages and guidance come naturally.

As you get more accustomed to speaking with your spirit guides it is important to get into the habit of asking for guidance and listening even when you are not in a meditative state. Spirit guides, as helpful as they are, can’t and won’t make decisions for you. They’re available only to assist you. If you require more guidance please reach out to a member of our expert team to reach out and interpret any messages you may be unsure of.



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