How to know when to walk away from a relationship?

Relationships are super fun in the beginning right? The flirting, texting, endless conversations and well let’s hope the amazing bedroom time? Right? 

So, you find yourself in a long term relationship and something ends up not feeling right. So how does one know when it is time to walk away or stay in your relationships?

In order for any relationship to work and be revived,  Do you  still enjoy time with your partner? When is the last time you sat down with your partner and had a meaningful conversation? Do you both still want to make it work? If any of these are true, then your relationship can be worked out, both people have to be all in still and ready to do the work.

However, if you or your partner no longer respects the other, or if there is no spark anymore what so ever, if neither of you are willing to compromise in anything, these are all signs it is time to walk away.

Of course talking to a psychic and asking these questions can definitely help make the decision. Psychics will be able to read you and see if this relationship is meant to be or not 



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