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How common are Psychic moments and how to Awaken your psychic side

One in five adults have consulted a psychic or a medium in their lifetime, which is only 22% of the US. However one third of the US population has had a psychic episode, for example having a future prediction. Women have more occurrences then men however about 40% of women have a psychic premonition rather then men 29%.

If you’re a wine drinker, you may be more insightful then someone who is not, when you are more relaxed and not actively engaging your mind you have more of a chance of experiencing your clairvoyant side. Studies have shown that meditation, as well can change your brain waves so your frontal lobe quiets to be more receptive to your psychic powers.

Another way to awaken your psychic side is to get enough sleep, and your dreams are an extension of your awaking psychic images, for example you had a dream if seeing someone that you haven’t seen in a long time then the next day you have a flash image or a day dream of that dream and you run into that person you just dreamed about.


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