How can remote viewing work?

Now that we know what remote viewing is. How does it work exactly? Psychics have to hone into their extrasensory abilities. They do have to have a specific item, thing, person in mind in order for this to work, there has to be a goal that they want to achieve in order to target the accurate reading remotely.

You have to go into this viewing with a clear mind, psychics can literally be thinking about, or having anything at all in their minds, usually psychics will do this through meditation. Since everyone has an imagination including psychics, they have to be extra careful that what they are seeing is not any part of their imagination, also why their heads need to be completely clear.

The information that psychics are receiving through the remote viewing, has to be intercepted correctly as well, also why having an experienced psychic is very important, the perceptions they are receiving has to be read correctly and accurately.


Talking to a psychic who is experienced in remote viewing, can give you answers to your questions remotely that are accurate, give it a try if you’re curious.





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