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Hot Reading

Hot Reading is when a psychic previously knows information about their client. They may schedule the appointment ahead of time, then research information about this individual so when they have the psychic reading, the psychic already knows everything about them, without their client knowing. Which is why they get such an accurate reading.


For example, if you go to a psychic show, and there is someone chatting you up, or if the psychic asks the audience questions before hand, or even if it inst the psychic, if it is someone else, this could be there accomplice, so when you go up for your reading, or for a medium to talk to your beloved deceased relative, and the medium or psychic says she is talking to your father, you may not
remember that you previously were talking to another person in the audience that you mentioned that you wanted to connect with your deceased father, which was the psychics accomplice, and this is how the psychic “tricks” you into believing they are connecting with your family member.


So, when going to a psychic reading, or to a medium so connect with a deceased loved one, remember to not divulge any information to anyone, whether it be the audience, or to the psychic before hand. This way you will know if you are getting and accurate reading or not. Also, if you can ask them questions that you know cannot be researched about you, that no one could possibly know but yourself, then this is another way to know if you are getting correct information.