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Horseshoe Superstition

Horseshoe superstition

The horseshoe is a very common good luck superstition especially in the Western world.  The horseshoe is known as a protective symbol. Also very common is Egyptian iconology.

The horseshoe is known for protecting against evil, and bringing people good luck for having one. If you find an old horseshoe it is especially lucky for you.

It is believed that if you find a the horseshoe by chance, it has triple the power of a purchased horseshoe. The best is to  find an old horseshoe with the nails still in place.


When you do get a horseshoe, if you hang it above your door is the best way to get good luck from it, this protects your home.

When you do hang it]- you should hang it with the points upwards, to promote the best luck possible and protection.