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Head Injury And Psychic Ability

Do Head Injuries Hone or Hinder Psychic Abilities?

head injury and psychic ability

Often times people who have near death experiences discover heightened psychic abilities, however not much is said of head injuries. Since most psychic abilities are centered around the third eye, and brain, you may have wondered if after a head injury your abilities will be affected. After a trauma to the head your brain has to rewire itself, and during the healing and rewiring process, most people do in fact become more psychically aware.


psychic onset

Most people are born with psychic abilities, however, they are latent. Unless someone actively attempts to manifest their psychic potential often the abilities lay completely dormant. Head injuries are one of the only ways psychic abilities can become apparent without intentionally activating and practicing them. Some scientific studies have strived to quantify and document these effects in regards to psychic abilities. They are attributed to a neurological condition called synesthesia. People with synesthesia see the world differently. As wonderful as it can seem, people who acquire synesthesia through trauma often go insane because they cannot handle or control their gifts. Those who do receive proper treatment and learn over time to use their gifts are often some of the world’s most gifted artists and musicians.


Psychic Enhancement

If you had psychic abilities prior to a trauma you will likely notice an increase in your abilities. Especially in instances where the trauma results in post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD forces the brain to function differently. You may notice psychic events are triggered more frequently and often by circumstances that previously would have had no effects on you. This is even truer for empaths.

If you have survived a trauma that has opened up or enhanced your psychic abilities you should consider the possibility that these abilities were gifted to you for a reason. You can learn how to use them, or you can choose to learn to shut them off. The most important thing to know is that you are not alone, and what you are experiencing is in fact normal.