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Haunted House Origins

How Haunted Houses Happen

haunted house origins

If you have ever walked into somewhere and had that sudden chill run up your spine, or noticed a sudden drop in temperature, perhaps even just an uneasy feeling, chances are you’ve been in a haunted location. While there are some famously haunted places around the world, there are much more that don’t have as much recognition. These seemingly random hauntings may not have an elaborate back story where someone was wrongfully tortured to death or where numerous people lost their lives so it may leave you wondering why.

Aspects of a Haunting

Aspects of a Haunting

Every human being is unique, with their own life experiences. So then it follows logically that each haunting will also be unique. However, there are some common factors that seem to pop up in the majority of haunts. Age is a big factor, the older a location is the greater the likeliness of it having spirits hanging around. Another factor is the location, the chances of a place being haunted increase dramatically if the location has a jaded past. Bad events and situations, as well as epidemics and sicknesses, always increase the probability of a haunting. For example, a battleground where the last of life’s blood seeped into the ground can create spiritual residue causing the spirits to linger.

The Reason

Haunted Houses

It’s widely believed that places that are filled with negative emotions are haunted so that the deceased can convey their tragic stories to the living. While some of the most profound and personally experienced hauntings happen in houses it’s much more likely to find a haunt in a larger place, like a hotel, museum, or church. Ghosts then to prefer these places because they provide more energy for them to pull from. Ghosts want to tell their story, therefore, they want to manifest, they want to be heard and seen. The more people the more emotional energy in the air for ghosts to use.


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  1. Very interesting read but gives me chills as well. And I never new about the blood at all now that is very interesting. I do believe in our life span we all come across ghost. I think some of us can feel it more than others. I have not myself in my adult life. But perhaps when I was born or little a ghost came to me. For now no haunted places maybe in the long run.

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