Halloween Costumes by Astrological Sign


It’s time to start planning for Halloween. Unless you like to wait until the last minute and piece together something from the bargain rack, you’re probably already tossing around costume ideas. If you are looking for a little extra inspiration here are some suggestions based on your zodiac.


Your attention to detail means you are most likely in search of the perfect costume. Your symbol is the virgin so dressing as a bride or groom would work. Or perhaps a flirty coed? As a Virgo, you like things straightforward so a classic costume would suit you as well. A witch or zombie any costume you are sure you will be able to execute with precision.


Always seeking balance, go as the symbol of justice holding the scales in your hand. Your sign loves fashion and strength too, so a runway model or one of this year’s superheroes like wonder woman or a superman outfit might be just the thing!


Your sign is the poster child for Halloween. Deep, dark and mysterious, look for anything that’s gothic. It, Annabelle, AHS. If those are too creepy for you, just play it cool behind some dark sunglasses, a black outfit, and a newspaper.



The archer as half man and half horse symbolize your sign. Use that as inspiration. Go as an archer or look for a horse costume. You’re also an adventurer so dead pool or Harley Quinn could be lots of fun.


You might choose to dress as your symbol, the goat, or at least stay true to your earthy roots just add a horn and *poof* you’re a unicorn. As an earth sign, you’d look great as any animal or outdoors enthusiast! Perhaps even something that’s crawled up out of the ground.


Intelligent and technologically minded, you could go as a space alien, astronaut or even a mad scientist! If you really want to dedicate to your costume go full on Brittney shave your head and turn yourself into Eleven from Stranger Things.


Nothing could be more appropriate for you sign than a mermaid or King Neptune. Or try dressing up your whole family as a school of fish! You could also indulge your nostalgic side and go throwback style 80’s or 90’s costumes are sure to fit you perfectly.


Always ready for action, try a daring superhero costume complete with cape! Or perhaps a swashbuckling pirate ready to find treasure. With your “take charge” attitude any military outfit will have the party standing at attention!


Sensual and comfy you might feel right at home wearing your pajamas to a Halloween party! Or how about dressing up as your favorite Snapchat filter? Taurus rules the throat so you might be inspired to dress as your favorite singer.



Being the sign of the twin you may pair up with a partner and dress alike! Always intellectual and inquisitive, try going as a news reporter or photojournalist. Your sign is also androgynous so consider going in drag to keep people guessing!


As a homebody, you might decide to host the party at your house instead of venturing out. Your sign is known for its love of cuisine so consider dressing up as your favorite food! If that’s not your style then how about a chef or waitress costume?


A lion costume is a natural choice for your sign! Your regal personality also suggests you dress as a king, queen or princess. Even a flashy superstar would be fun. Either way, be sure to wear lots of gold and sparkling jewels!




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