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Grounding Your Energy

Grounding Your Energy

grounding your energy

Surely you have heard the phrase ‘that person is very grounded’ or something similar to describe a person that seems in-tune or is fully aware of situation or event.

On the flip-side, you’ve probably also heard phrases like ‘he needs to ground himself and come back to reality’ concerning a person that seems out of touch with the real world.

In the world of psychic theory, grounding can be thought of in a similar manner.

Psychic grounding is the process by which we aline our energies with the natural energies of the Earth to feel balanced.

Lack of a solid grounding can lead to feelings described as ‘spaced out’, or a general sense of being dazed or out of touch.

Anyone looking to engage in psychic readings or similar activity should also benefit from an effort to become as grounded as possible beforehand. This should help to facilitate the best possible experiences in the psychic realm.

meditate to help in grounding

Simple contact with the Earth is very helpful in this process.  Walk across the grass with no shoes or socks.  Stick your feet in a stream, lake, or an ocean. Sit in a field. Simple connections with nature and the Earth are often overlooked.

Simple contact with the Earth can go a long way.  If you are not in the position to be able to walk on the Earth, there are now some excellent ways to achieve this by using what is called a grounding mat.

Guided meditation is another very popular way to achieve a proper grounding and is often done while in contact with the Earth.

If you’re interested in trying out some guided meditation for the first time- Below you can throw on some headphones and enjoy:

Grounding Guided Meditation by Jason Stephenson.

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  1. It is very important to take time out and ground ones self with earth and express gratitude when doing so. I like to do this just to keep a balance.

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